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To give you insight into St. Mary’s General Hospital’s culture and how you can contribute to it, we invite you to join our Talent Community. Joining these groups will give you insight into our culture, ability to interact with staff and an inside look at what makes St. Mary’s General Hospital one of Canada’s most desirable employers.


Ready for a Change?

If you are looking for a career where you can not only work for a top employer in the Waterloo area but also make a difference and get satisfaction on a daily basis, join our St. Mary's team!

If you don’t see a posting that interests you, but would like to submit a resume for future consideration, click here.

If you have any further inquiries you can reach our Human Resources directly at (519)-749-6578 ext. 6669.

St. Mary’s General Hospital fosters a culture of inclusiveness, patient and staff safety. All reasonable accommodation will be made for each position. Qualified internal candidates will be considered first within the selection process. Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

Thank you for your interest in St. Mary’s General Hospital.

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Date Posted  Job Number  Job Title  Job Category  Job Type  Application Deadline 
2015/05/28 1586
Registered Nurse - In-Patient Cardiology
ONA Part-Time 2015/06/04
2015/05/28 1585
Registered ECHO Sonographer
Technologist Part-Time 2015/06/04
2015/05/28 1584
Dietary Aide – Patient Food Services
Service Part-Time 2015/06/04
2015/05/22 1582
Registered Ultrasound Technologist
Technologist Temp Part-Time 2015/05/29
2015/05/22 1579
Registered Practical Nurse - Medicine & Transitional Care
Service Part-Time 2015/05/29
2015/05/22 1578
Clinical Aide - Medicine
Service Temp Part-Time 2015/05/29
2015/05/22 1576
Operational Supervisor - Medical Device Reprocessing
Supervisor Full-Time 2015/06/05
2015/05/22 1489
Hospital Supervisor
Management Part-Time 2015/06/11
2015/05/21 1574
Housekeeping Aide
Service Part-Time 2015/05/28
2015/05/21 1573
Critical Care Registered Nurse – MSICU/CCU
ONA Part-Time 2015/05/28
2015/05/21 1572
Health Records Technician
Clerical Full-Time 2015/05/28
2015/05/21 1453b
Medical Transcriptionist
Clerical Part-Time 2015/05/28
2015/05/21 1571
Medically Complex Clinic Clerk
Clerical Temp Full-Time 2015/05/28
2015/05/21 1570
Communication Clerk - Emergency
Clerical Full-Time 2015/05/28
2015/05/21 1569
Admitting Clerk - Endoscopy
Clerical Part-Time 2015/05/28
2015/05/14 1436
Pharmacy Technician
Clinical Professional Part-Time 2015/05/29
Page 1 of 1 Jobs Per Page:
Displaying: 1 - 16 of 16