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Job Details
Lab Assistant/ Courier (040704)
Job Number: 040704
Job Title: Lab Assistant/ Courier
Number of Openings: 1
Job Type (Employment Type): Full Time, 80 hours per 2 week pay period
City: Cape Girardeau
Job Schedule: Evening Shift
Job Category: Other
Career Level: Staff
Minimum Level of Education: High School Degree/GED
Years of Experience: 0
Position Description

Responsible for procurement and processing of specimens submitted for diagnostic testing including courier duties. Performs a variety of general clerical functions.

Provides a high standard of customer service, maintains workflow and resolves problems - a. Excellent customer service skills are consistently demonstrated. A professional demeanor is maintained at all times with patients, patient families, co-workers and other healthcare professionals. b. Communicates with patients and clients clearly, accurately and effectively regarding test requirements, results, etc. Serves as a resource to customers. Patient identifiers are obtained prior to release of laboratory results, in accordance with departmental policy. Information regarding critical laboratory results is communicated in accordance to departmental policy to outpatient/outreach areas and documented appropriately. c. Testing requests are cancelled when appropriate and in accordance with departmental policy. Providers are informed in a timely manner when laboratory testing cannot be performed or when changes in business hours are anticipated. d. Calls for specimen pickup and distribution of lab supplies are communicated to the appropriate courier in an accurate and timely manner. e. Workflow is maintained in accordance with departmental standards. Phone calls are answered in a timely manner. f. Problems are resolved using appropriate resources and in accordance with departmental guidelines. Unresolved problems are clearly communicated to the supervisor in a timely manner. Information related to problems and their resolution is consistently documented.

Performs registrations and enters written and electronic orders for Laboratory requests into computer system - a. Patient registration is performed accurately in accordance with Medical Center Policy. b. Laboratory test requests are entered accurately on each patient. c. Requests are entered according to priority. d. Competence is maintained and new skills added as needed. e. Information related to samples/tubes drawn, collection date and times is documented correctly and in accordance with departmental policy. f. Requests for add-on testing are completed in a timely manner.

Performs specimen collection using a variety of techniques - a. Patient samples are collected with minimal discomfort to the patient. b. Patient samples are collected in a timely, productive manner according to Medical Center Policy and standards. c. Standard Precaution procedures are strictly followed at all times. d. Patient identification is verified in accordance with Medical Center Policy. e. Competence is maintained and new skills added as needed.

Processes Laboratory specimens - a. Specimens are evaluated for adherence to acceptance criteria including proper labeling. Problem resolution of specimens not meeting acceptance criteria is initiated in a timely manner. b. Specimens are processed without labeling errors occurring. c. Time-sensitive or priority specimens including biopsies are identified when received in the Laboratory and processed according to policy. All specimens are handled and distributed to proper locations in a timely manner to facilitate optimal turnaround times. d. All specimens are processed according to test requirements using appropriate safety guidelines and stored at correct temperature after processing. Patient samples are packaged correctly for safe transport by a courier or in the pneumatic tube system. e. Specimen status reports are monitored and action is taken in a timely manner.

Monitors and maintains inventory - a. Inventory is monitored and supplies are maintained at par levels for all storage and work areas. b. Orders inventory as needed; Shortages are reported to supervisor immediately. c. Stocks work areas with daily supplies. d. All required documentation is recorded correctly in a timely manner. e. Client inventory is monitored and supplies provided on a timely basis.

Operates and maintains motor vehicle - a. Operation of transportation vehicle is handled safely at all times with strict adherence to all applicable state laws and institutional policies. b. Specific rules by regulatory agencies for transport of specimens are strictly followed at all times. c. Vehicle maintenance is scheduled as needed and upon request. d. Vehicle usage and appearance are maintained at a professional level

Picks up and transports patient specimens - a. Specimens are picked-up from each required location in a timely manner and according to scheduled times. b. Requisition demographic information and specimen identification are confirmed prior to leaving the client location. c. A record of number and types of specimens submitted are noted on test requisition prior to leaving the client location. d. Specimens are transported under required conditions of biohazard/hazardous material packaging and temperature control. e. Problems are documented and reported to the area supervisor in a timely manner. f. Excellent customer service skills are consistently demonstrated.

Position Requirements

High School Diploma

Additional Skills & Experience Requirements:
Previous phlebotomy, clerical and/or computer experience preferred