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As an equal opportunity employer, Saint Francis does not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, religion, creed, national origin, race, or handicap in its relations with patients, visitors, or employees. Please take time to review the Medical Center’s current job openings and submit an online application for a position for which you are qualified.

Job Details
Field Service I (037324)
Job Number: 037324
Job Title: Field Service I
Number of Openings: 1
Job Type (Employment Type): Full Time, 80 hours per 2 week pay period
City: Cape Girardeau
Job Schedule: Varied Shifts
Job Category: Technical
Career Level: Staff
Minimum Level of Education: High School Degree/GED
Years of Experience: 1
Position Description

Entry level position, time dedicated to assisting Field Service technicians with general PC/network repair, troubleshooting, and equipment installations. Other duties would be Systems Operations or Help Desk Dispatcher.

Basic PC/Printer Knowledge. - Basic PC/Printer Knowledge. Has basic knowledge of computer systems and a familiarity with the terminology of the IT industry

Answer phone and beeper. - Assists Help Desk when needed to answer user support calls and requests for service. When on duty and on-call, is available by beeper or specified phone #. Clear up as many problems over the phone as possible before turning over to other support personnel.

User Assistance. - Be able to help users with such issues as being able to attach to the system or network, re-booting their PC's, changing toner cartridges in printers, relieving printer jams, diagnosing and replacing defective keyboards and assisting in security issues.

Logging. - Make appropriate documentation on the Information Systems Forum. Entries include, but are not limited to, any unusual activity occurring on assigned shift, work assignments, problem ID's associated with vendor phone calls and communication to other employees.

Device Exchange. - Be able to exchange printers, dumb terminals and pre-loaded PC's when spares are available.

Problem Reporting. - Problem Reporting. Report any activity where users are communicating distress or computer systems are responding in an unusual manner to the person on call or the Assistant Manager of Field Service.

Cleaning Work Area. - Assists in keeping Computer Room picked up, cleaned and arranged neatly. Disposes of all empty paper boxes, unless being saved, empties any excess trash from shift and brings in new shipment of forms and places in designated location.

Position Requirements

High School Diploma

Additional Skills & Experience Requirements:
Has at least one (1) year experience with computers or at least 6 months at Saint Francis and has shown capability to perform Field Service Assistant job duties.