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Job Details
Arrhythmia Tech / Administrative Partner (037084)
Job Number: 037084
Job Title: Arrhythmia Tech / Administrative Partner
Number of Openings: 1
Job Type (Employment Type): Part Time, 48 hours per 2 week pay period, with benefits
City: Cape Girardeau, MO
Job Schedule: Day/Night Shifts
Job Category: Other Nursing
Career Level: Staff
Minimum Level of Education: High School Degree/GED
Years of Experience: 0
Position Description

Under the direction of the CNI-IV, Patient Care Manager, Director, Vice President of Patient Care Services, the Arrhythmia Tech is responsible for effective and efficient communication in ICU. Is responsible for order entry into the POC system of physician orders, consults, admission and discharge information in addition to surveillance of arrhythmia on monitored patients under the direction of the Charge Nurse, Assistant Manager, Patient Care Manager, Director and Vice President of Patient Care.

Implements Safe and Appropriate Care. - •Provides safe & appropriate direct patient care within guidelines of the job. •Observes patient/family relationships & keeps nurse informed of problems. Provides emotional & psychological support for patients/families. •Reports pertinent observations & patients requests/concerns to RN. •Posts appropriate bedside signs. •Completes unit quality controls, i.e., Accucheck, Hemoccult, when indicated. •Performs procedures to include: gives baths/assists with personal hygiene; empties bedpans, urinals, foley bags, suction bottle & labels & dates according to policy; assists nurse in post mortem care; applies topical ointment/creams; assists in set-up of sterile procedure trays when appropriately trained; assists with dressing changes/wound care; assists/performs trach care; suctions patient via ETT, trach, oral care; obtains specimens all under direction of RN. •Assists patients in & out of bed using proper body mechanics & gait belt. Safely ambulates/mobilizes patients per plan of care/physician's orders. Cues patient appropriately. •Turns/positions patients appropriately using principles for keeping skin integrity intact. Reports any evidence of pressure or breakdown promptly to RN. Initiates preventive measures as directed by RN. •Follows guidelines for hygiene, checks patient identifiers before care is provided, routinely checks environment (room) for correct placement of items, observes all aspects of prone to fall, reports unsafe acts to Charge Nurse or Manager immediately. Applies monitor leads, checks lead placement, & demonstrates proper use of EKG machine. •Demonstrates proper use of all area specific equipment & specialized equipment. •Performs blood glucose checks with glucose meter & hemoccults, reports abnormals promptly. •Provides appropriate care for patients on special beds, i.e., Kinetic Therapy or Airflow.

Utilizes Effective Written and Verbal Communication. - •Accurately observes and reports patient cardiac rhythm and / or pressures on the monitor to the nurse. •Gives concise and through report of patient's rhythm and pertinent events to on-coming AT and RN. •Relays problems with other departments, peers, medical staff or floor personnel to Manager. •Receives messages and relays them to the appropriate person (e.g., patient, nursing staff, physician, APD and other departments). •Functions as communication liaison: notifies Charge Nurse of new admissions for patient placement; gives condition report to family spokesman after consulting with patient's nurse; completes appropriate forms; provides necessary information between nursing personnel, physicians and visitors; explains visiting policy to families and gives them ICU brochure; controls traffic flow. •Ensures every patient has a stamped daily charge sheet. •Accurately assembles charts for new admissions and makes available to other care team members in a timely manner; ensures all unnecessary forms are removed from the chart. disassembles patient charts in accordance to policy.

Participates in Plan of Care. - •Documentation is accurate and complete. •Reports pertinent observations to RN. •Knowledgeable of patient's plan of care and follows nursing directions. •Conveys patient requests / concerns to RN. •Completes appropriate area of admission data base, records admission data, applies allergy and prone to fall bracelet •Charts and reports treatment results and / or patient tolerance to RN. •Processes physician orders as delegated by the RN, by checking the physician orders and care plan for treatments completed. •Takes and documents all temperatures, pulses, respirations and blood pressure. Notifies nurse of abnormals. •Assists with admission of new patients by taking vital signs, obtaining current height and weight, applies ID bracelet and orients patient to hospital environment, i.e., call light, operation of bed, etc., as patient condition allows. Assists with transfers and discharges. •Assists patients in and out of bed using proper body mechanics and gait belt. Ambulates/mobilizes patients per plan of care / physician orders. Cues patient appropriately. •Monitors for skin breakdown and reports any evidence of pressure or breakdown promptly to RN, initiates preventive measures as directed by nurse.

Documentation - •Follow medical center policy/procedure for documentation, i.e., vital signs, input and output, height and weight, post-procedure vital signs, last bowel movement, activity, restraints, etc. •Documents on a continuous basis, reflecting care provided to patient. •Maintains accurate intake and output and documents in patient's medical record. •Knowledgeable and accurate in the use of all computer programs for area and order entry. •Enters orders accurately into POC system. •Notifies physicians of consults during business hours and as appropriate. Documents in consult book. •Ensures physician list is accurate and printed for MD.

Serves as a Preceptor for Other Staff. - •Observes and critiques clinical practice and reports deficits promptly to the RN. •Willingly accepts preceptor responsibilities. •Provides input in final evaluation of orientee. •Consistently completes Daily Evaluation Sheets.

Provides Care Specific to Patient's Age/Growth and Development. - •Evaluates for age appropriate motor skills. •Interview/communication techniques are appropriate. •Assesses safety needs based on age groups and provides safety measures based on assessment. •Uses appropriate sized equipment for size and age of patient.

Provides a Clean Patient Environment / Work Area. - •Patient rooms are organized and clean. •All patient items labeled and stored appropriately, i.e., bedpans, urinals, dentures, glasses and toiletries. •Trash contained in waste containers. •Soiled linens appropriately bagged and placed in soiled area. •Accountable for returning supplies to appropriate area. •Prepares room for next admission (assures suction set-up, oxygen, flowmeter, etc.). •Makes beds (occupied and unoccupied). Restocks supplies. •Reports defective equipment and completes work order for Bio-Med or Maintenance. • Ensures supplies and materials are available for use. Demonstrates awareness the financial impact of inefficient use.

Position Requirements

Degree/Diploma: High School Diploma

Certification/License Title: CPR Certification

Additional Skills & Experience Requirements: Previous computer experience required. Previous clerical experience required (preferably in medical field). Previous Nursing Assistant experience preferred. Prior arrhythmia training preferred. Successful completion of medical terminology course preferred.